Our mission
The Centre supports the production and dissemination of applied research on money, international markets, banking, finance and regulation using a multidisciplinary approach. It aims to work in order to develop closer and deeper relationships between academics, civil servants and professionals, linking the scientific analysis with the policy problems that market participants and public institutions have to address and fix.


Online seminars series "Securities Markets: Trends, Risks and Policies"
The cycle of 10 meetings begins on November 9 until January 27, 2021.
Journal of Law, Finance, and Accounting (JLFA) 2020 Conference
December 9-10-11 3PM CET
Research Seminar Series on “Global Challenges”
December 3rd, 12:15pm CET
Search Funds: un nuovo strumento di Private Equity a sostegno del rinnovamento imprenditoriale
25 Novembre 2020 17:45 webinar


Research Units