The complete BAFFI CAREFIN Woking Papers Series is downloadable from SSRN (Social Science Research Network).

Call for papers 2016-2017 selected papers:

“Diagnostic Expectations and Credit Cycles” - Nicola Gennaioli, Pedro Bordalo, Andrei Shleifer

“Delegated Portfolio Management and the Dark Side of Financial Development” -  Giovanni W. Puopolo Marco Pagnozzi, Salvatore Piccolo

“Optimal Asset Allocation with Heterogeneous Persistence of Shocks”  - Fulvio Ortu, Domenica Di Virgilio, , Federico Severino, Claudio Tebaldi

“The geography of social mobility and economic outcomes: evidence from Italy” -  Giovanni Pica,  Maia Güell, Michele Pellizzari, and José V. Rodríguez Mora

“Firm Size, Technology Adoption, and Aggregate Productivity”  - Fabiano Schivardi, Tom Schmitz

“Selection in Unsolicited Ratings: the Case of the Sovereign Debt Market” – Anna Gibert

“The geography and calendar of trading activity across exchange venues” – Manuela Geranio, Valter Lazzari

“Financial Intermediation, Delegation, and Investors’ Unawareness” – Nicola Pavoni, Sara Auster

“Strategic Sovereign Defaults under International Sanctions” – Francesco Passarelli, Carlo de Bassa Scheresberg, Edoardo Grillo

“Structural Shifts in Corporate Bond Underpricing” – Florian Nagler, Giorgio Ottonello

“Are Bank Loans Still Special? Evidence from Bank Competition” – Filippo De Marco

“Electoral and Political Success of Corporate Executives” - Viktar Fedaseyeu, Ilona Babenko, Song Zhang

“Forecasting macroeconomic indicators with default risk and risk aversion measures” – Massimiliano Marcellino

“VAR information and the empirical validation of DSGE models” – Luca Sala

“A structural model of asset returns in the presence of demographic risks” Carlo Favero, Andrea Tarelli Claudio Tebaldi